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My name is Mini, and I was always on the smaller side since I was little, hence the name Mini. And once I had kids I started gaining weight. Little by little by little, I had two kids, still haven't lost all that baby fat. I was eating a lot of fast food, going out for pizza, drinking a lot of beer. So my friend Poppy started the Ideal Protein program. She's a big sweet lover and she started dropping some weight and she's like, you can do it. I like beer, she likes sweets. She goes, if I can stop eating sweets, you can stop drinking beer. And I'm like, no way.

I had struggled my whole life with weight. I'm a larger framed woman and I just never felt thin. Even from a young age, I want to say even to 12 wearing bathing suits in the summer I wore a t-shirt to cover up. I had battled my whole life. I tried all different diets and some worked for a little bit, but nothing was ever longterm. I cannot remember one time in my life that I was ever comfortable with the weight that I had on me. The final straw for me was the summer of 2015 and I again struggled every day to get dressed. 

I'm from a little small town named Petrolia. We were a traditional family. My mom was a stay at home mom and she loved to cook. Always a nice big meal with lots of meat, potatoes and gravy, and dessert. All that was part of my regular diet. I had three children. With each one I would gain about 20 pounds. I had myself in a corner. I was 254 pounds. My health had really deteriorated. I walked with a cane. I couldn't put on my own socks and shoes. My husband Chris had to help me with everything. 

My journey starts sort of by accident. I received an ad in the mail for a little local hospital and they were offering a laundry list of tests that were cardio related. I signed up for it. I go in and there were two nurses who were hooking up the equipment and one of the nurses said he's an AFIB and I really wonder who she was talking about. And it turned out it was me. So the sleep doctor prescribed to see CPAP machine, after a few months of this, I had an appointment with her and I said, “This thing's not working for me. 

So when I went dress shopping, I had found my dress, I was with my mom and at that point I had lost maybe 30 pounds. So I still had about 20 more to go and she was doing my fitting and I said maybe I should go down a size. She goes well everyone says they're going to lose weight for their wedding. It's only, I think two months from when we ... Going to get married. And the back of my dress had a corset, when I came in and she went to like fit me and she's tightening it. She's like if you lose anymore weight, I'm going to have to remake this whole dress. 

So when I went dress shopping, I had found my dress. I was with my mom and at that point I had lost maybe 30 pounds, so I still had about 20 more to go, and she was doing my fitting and that, and I said, "Maybe I should go down a size." She goes, "Well, everyone says they're going to lose weight for their wedding." It's only, I think, two months from when we going to get married and the back of my dress had a corset. When I came in and she went to fit me, she's tightening it. She's like, "If you lose any more weight, I'm going to have to remake this whole dress." 

"I knew love, but I didn't know self love. My name is Lynn Roos. I'm a 61 year old grandmother from Alexandria, Virginia. Earliest memories of myself are of being overweight. I was the girl that my father called fat. I was the girl that my brother said, "Why don't you lose weight?" My siblings were all thin. My brothers, thin. My sister was known as Skinny Minnie. I would question was I adopted, because I didn't think I belonged in that family. Food has been my go to comfort for 59 years of my life. Memories of my grandmother in the kitchen making cinnamon buns,...

"I've always been a larger person. I remember in the fourth grade that it was the first time that I was called fat. My name is Julie Moreno and I'm a 36 year old teacher. In March of 2016 I lost my father. Losing someone that important in my life lead to a lot more of my weight gain and a lot more of my emotional eating. In 2017 I went on my first cruise and at that time I was at my heaviest at 266 pounds. The whole time on the trip I was miserable. That was the first time in my life that I was uncomfortable in my own body. 


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