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I'm from a little small town named Petrolia. We were a traditional family. My mom was a stay at home mom and she loved to cook. Always a nice big meal with lots of meat, potatoes and gravy, and dessert. All that was part of my regular diet. I had three children. With each one I would gain about 20 pounds. I had myself in a corner. I was 254 pounds. My health had really deteriorated. I walked with a cane. I couldn't put on my own socks and shoes. My husband Chris had to help me with everything. And for a woman my age, that was very humiliating, but the heavier you get, the slower you get and because it happens slowly, you don't really recognize it happening until one day you walk from the bedroom to the bathroom and blow your knee out for nothing. And it just totally gave out.

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Just when I thought it was hopeless, my pedologist suggested a weight loss program called Ideal Protein and when Chris and I signed up for the protocol, we had to do it together. It was the only way.

Then when Lynn came home with this idea of doing this new program, you know, you're a little leery because it's like I said, you start something then you quit and then you put on more weight than when you started. I was becoming diabetic. My doctor says, you're beyond just borderline now. You need to start taking pills.

And I walked in, I had this feeling, this good feeling when I walked in that this was a good place. That this was a place where I could get some help. I had started Ideal Protein in January 2017.

And then the weight started coming off and she was amazed and she just kept saying, "I'm still losing. This is great." So she was quite excited.

I was surprised at how quickly my cravings left and I was using the cane all the time then, and I believe it was May of that year. What I did start doing was walking. To me, going for a walk is hard work. So when you say walk, I think work, I think pain. You got to realize I haven't moved my body my whole life. There's a lovely park, just two blocks away that I started to go walk to. By the end of May, I was no longer using that cane at all.

So I had my blood checked and it was just down below borderline and the doctor said, "Those pills are working." I said, "No, they're not. I'm not taking them."

I've been able to lower my medication dosages and eliminated one pill completely.

Since I lost 65 pounds. We went down east and I walked the trails on the Cabot Trail and it's eight kilometers, didn't slow down and didn't break my pace at all just hiking up and hiking down. I only stopped to take pictures type thing. It wasn't a struggle at all.

I don't have to give up celebrating with food. I just learned to do it in a healthier way. I have my life back, to be honest. I feel at least 10 years younger, maybe 20.

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