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"I've always been a larger person. I remember in the fourth grade that it was the first time that I was called fat. My name is Julie Moreno and I'm a 36 year old teacher. In March of 2016 I lost my father. Losing someone that important in my life lead to a lot more of my weight gain and a lot more of my emotional eating.

In 2017 I went on my first cruise and at that time I was at my heaviest at 266 pounds. The whole time on the trip I was miserable. That was the first time in my life that I was uncomfortable in my own body. The way I felt impacted the way I needed to make a decision and change in my life, and when I returned from that cruise, I got blood results from my doctor saying I was on the verge of being pre-diabetic, because I have spent years yo-yo dieting. At that point is when I realized mentally I have to do something for myself and I wanted this to be a permanent change."

We want to prove to you just how powerful this program is at accelerating your fat loss goals. So for a limited time you can call the office at (303) 683-5155 and ask for our Ultimate Fat Loss Program for only $99.  Here's what you will get for only $99 (normally $712)

  • 2-3 Lipomelt Body Sculping Sessions - This helps literally melt the fat in your fat cells and eliminate it through your lymphatic system (normally $450)
  • 1 Week of Nutritional Weight Loss Food - We never want you to be hungry so this food will keep you satisfied and move you into a fat burning state. (normally $93)
  • 1 Month of Nutritional Supplements - Most people that struggle with weight/fat loss are nutritionally deficient and that keeps them from losing weight. (normally $119)
  • 2 Nutritional Weight Loss Coaching Sessions - An important factor when trying to start something new and overcoming previous bad habits. Our coaches are here to keep you on track so you can succeed. (normally $50)

So call (303) 683-5155 and take advantage of our Ultimate Fat Loss Program for one week for only $99 (normally $712)

After Hours? Hit the Request An Appointment button to lock in this offer before it's gone and we'll call you within the next business day to get you on the schedule.

"So I was trying to look at something that I felt would actually change my mindset and that is when I discovered Ideal Protein Protocol. When I went to educational seminar I took my mom with me. At first it was one of those, I just need you here for emotional support and after hearing all the great and wonderful things that Ideal Protein Protcol was going to do for me, I was really encouraging my mom. So we started together. It was very important that I wanted to be my mom's partner through this ride because I wanted her to be here longer and I wanted her to be healthier, for her to be here. Since she's my only parent left I wanted her to be here.

I had taught 12 years of public school and losing the weight has made my job as a teacher a lot easier. I'm on my feet all day long. I like to be able to help students so now I'm able to get down on my knees next to their desk and help them.

The weight loss itself gave me the confidence to know that I am a great teacher, I am a great educator and know that I need to put myself out there in other ways that I can show others my gifts as a teacher. If I didn't lose the weight, I would have not. I would have just stayed content in the roles that I was in. I wouldn't be able to make that change for myself. Within a year I made a lifestyle change for myself, as well as a career change.

Ideal Protein Protcol has given me a new element of freedom, that I can do exercises that I never thought in my life. I want to go out and I want to walk. I want to walk my dog, I want to go out and do activities instead of just staying at home and just putting things off because that was the easy way out.

Visit the doctor again, do my yearly blood work and everything is perfect. She said it was the ideal type of blood work and blood counts. She just couldn't believe that in a year I had lost 100 pounds and in a year I was physically a different person, but my body itself had made a complete transformation physically, but also internally for the better, and I can tell you that has never been the case in my whole life. I feel like I'm getting a second chance. This is the smallest I've ever been. I see and I feel the joy in my life that I have now. I see the success that Ideal Protein has given me through my job and through my career, but importantly that has given me a life back.

Her daddy, put Julie on a pedestal. He would be so proud of you right now. He's just smiling at you.

Yeah, he for sure is and you know he'd be proud of both of us."

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